Our Way of Life

Our primary ministry in the Church and to our world is our life of prayer. In our prayer, we witness to the search for God that is in the heart of every person.

By consecrating ourselves to God for His honour and glory, we share in the prayer of Jesus that "all may be one" in the life and love of our heavenly Father.

But do not think that the Augustinian nun escapes the human condition. Both the work of her mind and of her hands unites her with the labour of all people. The monastic life brings her to discover the immense redemptive value of work.

As persons consecrated to the service of the Church, the Augustinian contemplative nuns join forces with the Creator to extend His gift of life and beauty, and so glorify His Name to all the earth.

In their search for God, the Augustinian contemplative nuns discover with surprise and joy that the heart is the surest way to communion with all people and with all things of Godís creation.

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